Who we are

Creatives with a passion for coffee

About Espressionals

Espressionals was created from a serious love for coffee. An enormously complex product that feels a bit like an amusement park: there is always something new and exciting to discover!

I, Loeki, used to dream of opening my own coffee bar. With this plan in mind, I worked as a barista during my studies at the hotel school. Here, I discovered concept design. After my first job at a renowned concept creation bureau, I moved to Australia. At first I worked as a manager of a pastry shop, taking all the training I could from our coffee supplier. I then went on to working in different coffee bars all over Australia, finally to realize that I wanted to combine these two passions of mine. Today, Espressionals is the only company in the Netherlands that brings together strategic concept design and a deep-rooted passion for coffee.

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Quality is Essential

We might not believe in perfection, but we sure focus on quality. High Quality. In fact, we believe that well-structured, quality-based models are the only way to a successful and future proof business.

Together is Impact

Our collective is not only a means to work and learn together, but to catalyse impact as well. Together, we’re focusing on improving the coffee industry in terms of transparency, sustainability and social impact.

Winning means Losing

If we win someone or something else loses. We are not about that. When we create a coffee concept
everyone and everything involved should be a little better.

Transparency is Trust

The key to our collective is trust. To establish this trust, we are a 100% transparent. Open about why and how we do things. This means we discuss company structure, decision making, numbers, you name it.

Equality is Everything

We strive to achieve equality within our collective. We do this by upholding diversity on the one hand, and maintaining a strictly equal policy in terms of pay and commissions for our Espressionals and Friends on the other.

Imperfection is Staying real

We create concepts with a creative human touch. By embracing imperfection, we allow ourselves to create without boundaries, to add value, to be present, to enjoy ourselves, to be better every day and to stay real.

Together is better!

At Espressionals, we are firm believers in working together to create the best results. This is why we work together with a collective of creatives such as designers, content creators, baristas, trainers and many more. Our common passion for coffee brings us together. Whatever you need to make your coffee bar a success – we know the people who can make it happen. 

Working with Espressionals will offer you a unique insight into the world of coffee. You might be surprised to find that there is much more to coffee than you think, but don’t worry: we will do all the work for you. We know where to find the best coffees and work only with highly skilled professionals. This way, you will always get the best advice and a true tailor-made solution for your company, office building or co-working space. Let us help you create a stronger community, one cup of coffee at a time! 

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