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Coffee is the centre of our ecosystem, our common ground. We embrace the creative power of the collective by creating as a community of coffee creators.
We yield potential by emphasizing the passions and skills of the individual. In doing so, we choose quality over perfection and impact over winning.

we are espressionals – a collective of coffee conceptors
we inspire, dare, do. are you an espressional too?
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Loeki Kin Concept Creator

My name is Loeki and my fascination with coffee goes beyond enjoying this delightful beverage. It’s the endless complexity of coffee that has me obsessed. Combining my background in concept creation and my passion for and experience with coffee, I aim to create highly impactful coffee concepts and content together with my fellow industry professionals.

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Milou Savelkoul Coffee & Food Stylist

I’m Milou and I’m a food and drink stylist, making sure your food looks like you could just eat it from your screen! By discussing what it is you exactly want to show, we’ll create the perfect setup that responds to your target group. Together, we’ll create beautiful images for you to use on social media and offline purposes.

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Farrah Tan Coffee Quality and Start-Up Manager

My name is Farrah and I’m a manager with more than a decade experience in the hospitality industry, ranging from counter-service espresso bars to full-service restaurants. Specialized in start-up management, building structure and training teams.

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Lois Palm Content Creator (Photo & Video)

My name is Loïs and my biggest passions are photography and film. Since I’ve graduated from AMFI, where I studied Fashion & Branding, I could finally turn my passion into a freelance job. I create cool visual identities for all kinds of brands! What’s important for me is that the concept of your brand really comes through in the final result.

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Lennart Clerkx Ethical Coffee Importer

Hi I’m Lennart, a development professional turned entrepreneur. I’m originally Dutch, but grew up in 8 countries. I worked with coffee producers in countries like Tanzania and the Dominican Republic. Founding This Side Up, I created a social enterprise that helps roasters and growers create value together – making the coffee world a more equal, open place.

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Florian Hessel AST & Specialty Coffee Roaster

Hey, I’m Florian. To me, coffee is not rocket science. But there is a mighty amount of stuff to think of when doing specialty coffee ‘right’. Over the past decade I’ve been working on the best way to take coffee concepts to the next level. Coffee, and specialty coffee in particular, is a never-ending journey of new variables of extraction waiting to be explored, new trends in the way of brewing it and young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs stepping out of the crowd with fresh ideas on how to work with this product. It’s my goal to increase the quality of a served cup of coffee anywhere.

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Maarten van Keulen Circular Economy Expert

My name is Maarten van Keulen and I am specialized in the implementation of circular economy principles in coffee, tea and cacao value chains. I look at the farm level, the logistics level, the roaster level, the consumer level and all the little and big links in between them. I take out the “leakages” of value, both in the environmental and social realms. Let’s stop wasting materials, but let’s also stop wasting talents.

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Olaf Tromp Private Label Coffee Roaster

Hi, my name is Olaf. For more than 9 years now, I’ve been passionate about coffee and have found myself dedicated to the (specialty) coffee industry. Starting out as a barista, I became a trainer and went to a roaster where I fell madly in love with roasting coffee. I transformed into a product developer. Today, I’ve been roasting beans in my own coffee roastery for almost 4 years.

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Bonnie van Poortvliet Ethical Coffee Roaster

Hello, my name is Bonnie, from Gosling Coffee. It’s our mission to make the coffee chain more fair, sustainable and transparent. In doing so, we believe in a long-term collaboration with our supplier and customers. Buying the coffee beans directly from the farmers, we shorten the coffee chain. Our farmers produce their coffee berries sustainably and organically. Plus, they receive a fair wage! Taking our customers with us on trips to the coffee farmers, both sides of the coffee chain meet – so we all learn from each other.

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