About Us

Coffee Creators, Makers & Lovers

We are coffee creators, makers & lovers

Coffee is our passion and super power! Quality coffee is at the centre of our ecosystem, just like it is the beating heart of any daytime hospitality venue or workspace.

By creating as a collective, we bring quality coffee to everyone, everywhere. We aim to cover the whole scope of coffee in just one organization, connecting coffee creators and industry professionals in the fields of:

Coffee, like roasters, baristas & trainers
Project, like concept developers & project managers
Design, like graphic designers, interior designers & stylists
Content, like writers, photographers & videographers

Meet our coffee creators!

Quality is Essential

We might not believe in perfection, but we sure focus on quality. High Quality. In fact, we believe that well-structured, quality-based models are the only way to a successful and future proof business.

Together is Impact

Our collective is not only a means to work and learn together, but to catalyse impact as well. Together, we’re focusing on improving the coffee industry in terms of transparency, sustainability and social impact.

Winning means Losing

If we win someone or something else loses. We are not about that. When we create a coffee concept
everyone and everything involved should be a little better.

Transparency is Trust

The key to our collective is trust. To establish this trust, we are a 100% transparent. Open about why and how we do things. This means we discuss company structure, decision making, numbers, you name it.

Equality is Everything

We strive to achieve equality within our collective. We do this by upholding diversity on the one hand, and maintaining a strictly equal policy in terms of pay and commissions for our Espressionals and Friends on the other.

Imperfection is Staying real

We create concepts with a creative human touch. By embracing imperfection, we allow ourselves to create without boundaries, to add value, to be present, to enjoy ourselves, to be better every day and to stay real.

A coffee creator

Founder and concept developer Loeki is a passionate believer of hospitality as the key to a successful customer driven business. She deeply loves the hospitality industry, covering all the good stuff in life: eating, drinking, sleeping and social events. Loeki has spent over two years in Australia & New Zealand. Diving deep into the world of specialty coffee, she worked on both operational and managerial level. She was surprised by the contrast in quality standards between Australia and the Netherlands. So she decided that she wanted bring that coffee culture home, by combining her two passions in life: coffee and concept creation.

Loeki’s CV:

  • Mocca d’Or Office, Zwolle – Concept & Functional Design
  • Meet@Work, Zeist – Concept & Project management
  • Versmarkt Vollenhove, Zeist – Concept & Project management
  • Black Star Pastry, Sydney – Efficiency & Quality
  • Stewart & Sally, Amsterdam – Concept & Story
  • Sandenburg concept creation, Amsterdam – Concept & Projectmanagement
  • 5 years of barista experience, maintaining high quality at a high volume
  • Manager and head barista at Black Star Pastry, Sydney
  • Barista breakfast team five-star resort Elements of Byron in Byron Bay
  • Barista at FOLK Byron Bay, Byron Bay
  • Maastricht Hotel Management School, BBA

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