Florian Hessel AST & Specialty Coffee Roaster

Hey, I’m Florian. To me, coffee is not rocket science. But there is a mighty amount of stuff to think of when doing specialty coffee ‘right’. My professional goal in life? Helping entrepreneurs take their coffee game to the next level. I have spent years and years drinking the best and the worst specialty coffees, experimenting with recipes, machines, water composition, roasts and brewing methods. Café owners and I must have filled thousands of hours talking on how all this coffee-nerding can be best implemented in their organisation. And I still feel I only know a tiny bit about coffee compared to what’s still out there to be discovered.

Coffee, and specialty coffee in particular, is a never-ending journey of new variables of extraction waiting to be explored, new trends in the way of brewing it and young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs stepping out of the crowd with fresh ideas on how to work with this product. 
My goal is to increase the quality of a served cup of coffee anywhere. In 2014, together with Onno van Zanten, I opened Stooker Specialty Coffee. I’m always hungry for more knowledge, so very lucky to be working in this industry - an amazing hobby-turned-into-profession.

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Lois Palm Content Creator (Photo & Video)

My name is Loïs and my biggest passions are photography and film. Since I’ve graduated from AMFI, where I studied Fashion & Branding, I could finally turn my passion into a freelance job. I create cool visual identities for all kinds of brands! What’s important for me is that the concept of your brand really comes through in the final result.

Joey Rietveld Content Creator (Photography & Text)

My name is Joey and I love to combine my passion for coffee with my creative skill set.
Over the past few years I have found a way to create professional content for other coffee professionals. I love to take photo’s, write and help you tell your story in the best way possible.

Milou Savelkoul Coffee & Food Stylist

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