Loeki Kin Concept Creator

My fascination with coffee goes beyond enjoying this delightful beverage. It’s the endless complexity of coffee that has me obsessed. I have always been intrigued by the central position in the worldwide hospitality industry that coffee holds and the way it brings people together in so many different cultures.

What drives me is to truly understand coffee, to break it down, explore past product alone and pinpoint those critical moments throughout the whole journey that make drinking coffee a pleasant experience. In my philosophy coffee can be one of the main drivers for hospitality venues and workspaces if done well and consistently.

Combining my background in concept creation and my passion for and experience with coffee, I aim to create highly impactful coffee concepts and content together with my fellow industry professionals. By unifying passionate people, by bringing disciplines together and by viewing coffee as a community instead of a product.

More information

Website: www.loekikin.com

Email: loeki@espressionals.com

Recent projects

Stewart & Sally Healthy Fast Food Concept

|  Client: Stewart & Sally  | Delivered: Food concept  |  Espressionals: Loeki Stewart & Sally was founded by chef Rutger Slomp, who aimed to fill the gap between fastfood and casual dining by providing a fresh meal for any time of the day. With Stewart &...

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Milou Savelkoul Coffee & Food Stylist

I’m Milou and I’m a food and drink stylist, making sure your food looks like you could just eat it from your screen! By discussing what it is you exactly want to show, we’ll create the perfect setup that responds to your target group. Together, we’ll create beautiful images for you to use on social media and offline purposes.

Farrah Tan Coffee Quality and Start-Up Manager

My name is Farrah and I’m a manager with more than a decade experience in the hospitality industry, ranging from counter-service espresso bars to full-service restaurants. Specialized in start-up management, building structure and training teams.

Joey Rietveld Content Creator (Photography & Text)

My name is Joey and I love to combine my passion for coffee with my creative skill set.
Over the past few years I have found a way to create professional content for other coffee professionals. I love to take photo’s, write and help you tell your story in the best way possible.