Lois Palm Content Creator (Photo & Video)

My name is Loïs and my biggest passions are photography and film. Since I’ve graduated from AMFI, where I studied Fashion & Branding, I could finally turn my passion into a freelance job. Recently I fell in love with analog photography, which gives an image a more authentic and 'vintage' kind of look. I also like the fact that you must be careful with the images you're snapping, because you can't go on and on clicking the button. 

I create cool visual identities for all kinds of brands! I'm mainly focusing on daylight photography in food, fashion and lifestyle sectors. What's important for me is that the concept of your brand really comes through in the final result. I love to get inspired by art, design, magazines, Pinterest – to later build on it, taking the ideas to a new level. This is why I also make films and short clips for your brand. You can use them on your website, social media and other visual media.

More information

Mail Loïs! lois@espressionals.com 

Recent projects

Espressionals Social & Web content

|  Client: Espressionals  | Delivered: Social & Web Content  |  Espressionals: For the launch of Espressionals, Lois was responsible for both coffee and portrait photography. The content she created could be used on the website, on social media channels and...

Winter Lodge Interior & Product Photography

|  Client: Winter Lodge  | Delivered: Interior & Product Photography  |  Espressionals: Loïs created photo content for Winter Lodge, a stylish restaurant by the sea. She shot both interior and products resulting in a highly atmospheric series of...

Fruit.nl Social media content

|  Client: Fruit.nl  | Delivered: Social media content  |  Espressionals: For the sustainable fruit company Fruit.nl, Lois created a series of playful content. Her photos were used on the social media channels of this fruit 'brand' that delivers fresh...

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Joey Rietveld Content Creator (Photography & Text)

My name is Joey and I love to combine my passion for coffee with my creative skill set.
Over the past few years I have found a way to create professional content for other coffee professionals. I love to take photo’s, write and help you tell your story in the best way possible.

Milou Savelkoul Coffee & Food Stylist

I’m Milou and I’m a food and drink stylist, making sure your food looks like you could just eat it from your screen! By discussing what it is you exactly want to show, we’ll create the perfect setup that responds to your target group. Together, we’ll create beautiful images for you to use on social media and offline purposes.

Loeki Kin Concept Creator

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