Milou Savelkoul Coffee & Food Stylist

I’m Milou and I’m a food and drink stylist, making sure your food looks like you could just eat it from your screen! By discussing what it is you exactly want to show, we’ll create the perfect setup that responds to your target group. A background in graphic design and ten years of experience in hospitality make for a perfect match in imagery. Because I know how to present something in the hospitality industry, I pay attention to specific colours and the right ingredients. Next up: presenting food & drink beautifully.

Together, we’ll create beautiful images for you to use on social media and offline purposes. From the tableware to the way of serving, from coffee and cocktails, to stunner smoothies and gorgeous dishes. Because I research trends and love to play into them, we’ll showcase your recipes in the right cups and on the coolest plates. In addition, I also provide enthusiastic hospitality training courses. Do your employees still miss that last bit of ‘oomph’? We’d gladly join your team to see what’s missing. Coffee and cocktail training or a hospitality training? We’re here for you.

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Mail Milou! milou@espressionals.com 

Recent projects

Jacobs Coffee Styling for 'Something Magical'

|  Client: Jacobs Coffee  | Delivered: Coffee Styling  |  Espressionals: These photographs for Jacobs Coffee were styled by Milou. She managed to create 'something magical' for a new product launch, by managing the full creative process. These pictures all...

Bol.com Styling category photography

|  Client: Bol.com  | Delivered: Styling  |  Espressionals: When Bol.com added their beverage category to their well known online store, they needed some perfectly styled category and ambiance imagery. Who would be better for the job than Milou? She managed to...

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