Pieter Cornelissen Private Label Coffee Roaster

My name is Pieter and I’m one of the three owners of Cornelissen Coffeeroasters. We’ve established our company with a strong passion for Hospitality, Food & Beverage and a ton of experience in the world of coffee! All to help professionals pick a coffee concept that best suits their style of (doing) business.

Knowledge of and appreciation for specialty coffee is growing. We love it! This growing appreciation raises some questions too, of course. How do we integrate specialty coffee into your coffee concept – and how do we support it the way it deserves? We believe there are many answers to this question. The key in our way of working? Customisation. We gladly select, roast and support your own line of specialty coffee. Let me show you around our roastery in the video below!

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Loeki Kin Concept Creator

My name is Loeki and my fascination with coffee goes beyond enjoying this delightful beverage. It’s the endless complexity of coffee that has me obsessed. Combining my background in concept creation and my passion for and experience with coffee, I aim to create highly impactful coffee concepts and content together with my fellow industry professionals.

Milou Savelkoul Coffee & Food Stylist

I’m Milou and I’m a food and drink stylist, making sure your food looks like you could just eat it from your screen! By discussing what it is you exactly want to show, we’ll create the perfect setup that responds to your target group. Together, we’ll create beautiful images for you to use on social media and offline purposes.

Farrah Tan Coffee Quality and Start-Up Manager

My name is Farrah and I’m a manager with more than a decade experience in the hospitality industry, ranging from counter-service espresso bars to full-service restaurants. Specialized in start-up management, building structure and training teams.