FrieslandCampina Content 'Coffee. Milk. Magic.'

|  Client: Friesland Campina  | Delivered: Latte Art Tutorial  |  Espressionals:

Every year Friesland Campina publishes their magazine 'Coffee. Milk. Magic.' An inspiring magazine full of coffee stories and photography. Espressional Joey worked on a Latte Art Tutorial for the milk giant, together with Rob Clarijs, owner of De Zeeuwse Branding. 

For beginners

This project was initiated to help Latte Art beginners in taking the first steps towards free-pouring a beautiful tulip pattern. 


The shoot resulted in a step by step guide towards pouring a tulip pattern. A clear description, amplified by sharp pictures. 

Top barista

The 'hand' pouring the tulip belongs to Rob Clarijs, who became 2nd in the Coffee Masters Competition and ended up in 6th place at the 2018 Dutch Latte Art Championships

Cover material

One of the photo’s from this shoot ended up on the cover of Coffee Milk Magic 2019!

Pro's at work

It took only two tries to get this right!

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