Stewart & Sally Healthy Fast Food Concept

|  Client: Stewart & Sally  | Delivered: Food concept  |  Espressionals: Loeki

Stewart & Sally was founded by chef Rutger Slomp, who aimed to fill the gap between fastfood and casual dining by providing a fresh meal for any time of the day. With Stewart & Sally, Rutger aims to prove that fast food can be healthy, nutritious, varied and above all: delicious. Espressional Loeki helped Rutger creating a storyline for his food concept, based on which she created the visual concept and worked with designer Shon Price for all the graphics. 

Stewart & Sally is growing

Rutger started with a container at the VU Amsterdam and opened a second location in Amsterdam Noord later. He also provides catering services, serving tasty stews and salads all over Amsterdam and beyond.

Hand Painted

The whole container is hand painted by graphic designer Shon Price! The Stewart & Sally sea container turnt out te be quite an eye-catcher!


Stewart stands for the delicious, rich and fresh stews.


Sally stands for varied and surprising salads.


Stewart & Sally quickly became a popular option for students and to eat healthy and nutritious meals.

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