What we do

Creating & Improving coffee bar concepts

A coffee bar in your building

A central and welcoming coffee bar helps you keep up with the most important trends in the working environment.

A well thought out coffee bar concept is a tool in achieving company goals like:

  • Creating the people centric workplace, where people’s needs are centralized
  • Achieving the hospitality office with highly welcoming lobby 
  • Strengthening the workplace community through socially cohesive spaces
  • Reflecting your brand identity and image through the branded workspace
  • Meeting the demands and expectations of the future workforce: gen Z
  • Increasing rental revenue by adding a unique feature to your office

Any of these goals sound familiar?

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Coffee Bar
Concept Challenge

You want a new or improved coffee bar in your building. Where to start?

Espressionals has created an effective two-step method to help you gain insight in your current situation and develop you concept further. With the Concept Challenge we will be creating a unique coffee bar concept that keeps up with trends & developments in your market, and suits you and your target group. 

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Deliverable: Concept Scorecard & Concept Brief
Duration: 2-4 weeks


Concept Scan

Understanding your current situation 

The Concept Scan is designed to give you insight into your current situation. First, we map out your values, goals and objectives in a kick-off session. Then, we conduct stakeholder interviews with (potential) users of your coffee bar and visit the location to see where you can gain the most. We turn the whole thing upside down and inside out. This gives you:

  • Insight into the current situation – strengths and weaknesses, competition, target audience, etc. 
  • A clear idea of your company’s values and how to implement these into your concept
  • New project goals and objectives aimed towards community building

We present our findings in the Concept Scorecard. This scorecard designed to show you how your concept ‘scores’ based on the following cornerstones: 

  • Internal: Product, service, operations
  • External: Design, vibes, brand
  • Personal: People, community, story. 

The Concept Scorecard is the starting point for the Concept Challenge, where we challenge your coffee bar concept and take it to the next level. 

The Concept Scan is a great starting point of your journey towards a highly functional coffee bar in your office building. Whether you already have a coffee bar in place that just doesn’t work as well as you want it to or if you are looking to build a unique experience from scratch: let us help you find out what works for your space and company! 

Deliverable: Concept Scorecard
Duration: 1-2 weeks

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Challenge Session

Taking your concept to the next level 

Our Challenge Sessions are unique and tailor-made to your concepting journey. We invite you and your key team members to join us for a brainstorm session, in which we challenge your team to take a deep-dive into your concept. It’s a highly inspiring and interactive session that will leave you buzzing with new ideas and possibilities. 

We prepare the Challenge Session based on your Concept Scorecard to:

  • Give a tailor made inspirational presentation geared towards your company
  • Guide an in-depth group discussion about your concept
  • Hold a post-it and sticker session. 

After the session, we combine all our findings from the Concept Scan and Concept Challenge in a Concept Brief. In this document, we ‘pitch’ your new or improved concept. This brief is the base for all future steps towards improving or opening your unique coffee bar.

Deliverable: Concept Brief
Duration: 1-2 weeks
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Full Concept Challenge

Concept Scan + Challenge Session

The Concept Challenge is an investment in your coffee bar worth €2.250. Due to the launch of this new service we temporarily offer the kick-off session free of cost AND a package discount of 10%.

Deliverable: Concept Scorecard & Concept Brief
Duration: 2-4 weeks

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Concept Tour

A whirlwind of coffee and concept inspiration

During a day of inspiration, we offer a unique insight into coffee and day-hospitality trends, as well as a sneak peak into the world of coffee.

We organise trend tours in Amsterdam, tailored to your organizations need.

Duration is one day and it includes:

  • Coffee workshop
  • Bike hire
  • Tailored trend tour
  • Lunch session (lunch included)
  • Tailored trend presentation
  • Power brainstorm

Deliverable: Trend presentation
Duration: 1 day
Pricing: € 275 p.p. max 6 people
up to  a maximum € 1.100 excl. BTW

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Full Concept Package

Scan + Tour + Challenge

No stone is left unturned when we are creating your coffee bar concept. This service includes:

  • Concept Scan
  • Concept Tour
  • Challenge Session

Deliverable: Concept Scorecard & Concept Brief
Duration: 4-6 weeks

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Coffee Bar
Design Blueprint

Functional design for a coffee bar that works

To us, the Design Blueprint is the most essential step in creating a functional coffee bar! We start with the Concept Scan, host a Challenge Session and create a Concept Brief. When we get the green light, we will design a highly functional blueprint for your unique coffee bar. This includes: 

  • Routing and Layout
  • Barista workflow design
  • Sketch proposal
  • Equipment proposal
  • Cost estimates for building and installations
  • Final proposal/Final Blueprint

Working with Espressionals guarantees a coffee bar concept that doesn’t only look great, but works great as well. We focus on improving the workflow behind the bar, so the service at the front end can be quick, welcoming and attentive. To insure your product and service quality, we also offer quality services like hiring and training baristas, start-up management at a later stage.

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"The coffee bars have been such a successful model for creating an interactive place outside of the desk area, or the cafe, where employees can have informal meetings."
Anna Zulaica and Joe Peterson (F&B program manager and head of global F&B) of LinkedIn in a joint statement to Sprudge.


Interior & Graphic Design

Creating your unique coffee bar vibe

Upon completing the Concept Challenge and your Design Blueprint we will start with the creation of your concept in terms of interior design, interior styling and graphics. 

From interior design to menu engineering and creation from social media to website: we know the professionals that will bring your coffee bar concept to life. 

We work closely together with interior and graphic designers that understand how to visualize your values into design and work towards the community you are looking to build. Once your concept is well thought out, we will propose a team of people that will make it happen! 

Deliverable: Coffee bar Design & Graphics
Duration: 4-8 weeks
Pricing: Upon request
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Quality Services

Ensuring consistent quality

This is what makes Espressionals different: we stay involved long the creation of your unique coffee bar. Our aim is to keep your coffee and service quality high, long after opening! We offer:

  • Pre-opening consultation: we make sure everything is in the right place, everyone is trained and your coffee bar is ready to rock the world.
  • Post-opening start-up management: running a business inside a business can be challenging. We offer on-the-floor start-up management to train your coffee bar managers and staff in meeting your (and our) standards and make your customers happy.
  • Barista training: we work only with the best and want this for you as well. We train regularly!
  • Quality control: we conduct  regular (mystery) visits to scan your entire coffee bar for quality of product and service. We write a report of potential points of improvement. 
  • Barista on demand: are you short on staff? Give us a call, we have a network of skilled baristas who are happy to jump in and work for you. 

Deliverable: Partnership in coffee
Duration: Always 
Pricing: Upon request


We provide sincere solutions based on knowledge & experience – not on secret deals with people you’ll never meet.


We are deeply involved in coffee in any possible way. If you are looking for a working coffee concept, no one will do a better job.


We’re a compact core, working with an extensive network of independent creatives & professionals. We operate flexibly, in any shape or form.

Full service

We cover the whole scope of coffee. From roaster to graphic designer and barista to photographer, we got you!

Cost efficient

You don’t pay for boring stuff like overhead costs: You pay for results put together by passionate people.

Partners in quality

We are your partners in quality coffee. When it comes to product, workflow and training, we have your back, now and always.