<span class="entry-title-primary">Concept & Design</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">We create coffee concepts for hospitality & workspaces.</span>

Wish to take coffee to the next level within your organisation? By focusing on our three pillars for maximum impact, we can help you serve great coffee at a high volume in an attractive environment. The secret to a successful coffee concept? Quality, Efficiency & Experience.


Consultancy & Quality Support

To us, quality coffee is everything. Together with our Friends, we provide you with extensive know-how in terms of product and service, covering the full scope of a concepting project. We help determining your product offer and link you to the best roasters. Besides this, we mean to be your partner in quality on the long term, offering launch-programmes, barista training and quality control.

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Coffee Consultancy & Functional Design

An efficient working environment is absolutely vital to maintaining speed of service, hygiene standards and quality levels. That’s why efficiency is key to your employee and customer satisfaction. We base our solutions on in-the-field experience: Our concept creators have years of experience working in fast-paced coffee environments themselves. We design functional and effective spaces by focusing on routing, workflow, hygiene and equipment.

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Interior Design & Branding

Atmosphere is essential to the livelihood of your concept. We design and build spaces that suit your company identity. Spaces attractive to your targeted customers. We aim to create the perfect synergy by designing and styling an on-brand interior and creating engaging content and graphics. 

Create with us!

We are a full-service collective of coffee conceptors. Your partners in creating a successful coffee concept, every step of the way. We bring together the right team of Espressionals at the right time, providing you the right tools and an attractive environment. In doing so, the development of your concept will take centre stage. 

Coffee concept workflow

In order to develop coffee concepts, we create in three phases, following our IDD Concept Workflow* – we Inspire, Dare, Do. In total we will take 8 clear steps towards our common end goal: a unique and highly attractive coffee concept that ticks all the boxes in terms of Quality, Efficiency & Experience.

All steps we take are based on clearly defined goals and objectives, always starting with extensive research into your market, your targeted customers and your business.

1. Inspire

Deliverable: Final Concept Brief | Duration: 4 weeks

In the first phase of coffee concepting we inspire you to dream past your existing ideas. In just three steps consisting of three face-to-face moments, a lot of background work and three clear deliverables we work towards a complete, reality-proof concept brief that is unique and so utterly you.

Create with us!


  • Kick-off session
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Research & Analysis

Deliverable: Concept Scorecard
Duration: 2 - 4 weeks


  • Inspire session
  • Inspiration & Trends
  • Dreams & Ambitions

Deliverable: Trigger Ideas
Duration: 1 - 2 weeks


  • Concept Funnel*
  • Visuals & Story
  • Concept session

Deliverable: Concept Pitch
Duration: 1 - 2 weeks

2. Dare


Deliverable: Final Concept Design | Duration: 8 wks

The second phase of coffee concepting is all about daring to bring your concept to life. In this phase, we prepare intensively for the most complex phase in your concepting journey: Do. We define clear strategies attracting customers to your venue, building an appealing brand story and establishing a marketing strategy. After strategy, we focus on the unique & functional design of your coffee concept.

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  • Brand Story
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Design Principles

Deliverable: Design Brief
Duration: 1 - 2 weeks


  • Functional design
  • Interior design, Graphic design, Styling
  • Menu engineering, design & styling

Deliverable: Final design
Duration: 6 - 8 weeks

3. Do

Deliverable: Final Concept & Quality Support | Duration: 16 - 20 wks

The title of this phase says it all - we are now ready to just DO it! Step one is the production of your coffee concept, both in terms of your space and your content. We work together with our partners to deliver a turnkey hospitality venue, within planning and budget. This phase is all about launching your concept, including on-the-floor assistance and training on all managerial levels. What’s unique about Espressionals and the way we approach our coffee concepts is that we stay involved in keeping your coffee quality high, long after opening.

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  • Planning & Budget
  • Buying & Building
  • Brand & Content

Deliverable: Turnkey Delivery
Duration: 8 - 12 weeks


  • Policies & Procedures
  • Hiring & Training
  • Start-up Program

Deliverable: Soft & Grand Opening
Duration: 4 - 6 weeks


  • Reflection & Evaluation
  • Learning & Growth
  • Quality Support

Deliverable: Future Proof Concept
Duration: 2 weeks - Forever

"The next big thing in Specialty Coffee. Collaborating and combining powers to have properly brewed specialty coffee served everywhere."
Florian Hessel - Authorized SCA Trainer & Co-founder of Stooker Specialty Coffee