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Strengthening workplace communities through great coffee.
We believe great coffee connects people in the current remote and digital worksphere. 
A central coffee bar is a place of real human interaction where people can meet, connect and share knowledge.
We help businesses create strong workplace communities through the creation of unique coffee bar concepts. 

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We are Espressionals

About us

We help you build a strong community in your office or co-working space by creating one-of-a-kind coffee bar concepts. We strongly believe that good coffee connects people: as more and more people work remotely, having an appealing and unique coffee bar in-house offers a place for co-workers to come together. 

We believe that the future workplace will ‘hospitalitize’ more and more’, combining office functionality with a hospitality feel. Investing in a central coffee bar gives you the opportunity to combine reception functions with genuine hospitality in your lobby. This creates, creating a space to receive your employees, clients and visitors in a surprising way. 

We create and improve these coffee bars! Although design and vibes are of upmost importance, we believe that the essence of a great coffee bar is its workflow. When improving or creating a coffee bar concept, functionality is our main priority. First, we look at and optimize the workflow of the coffee bar. Unique elements, high quality coffee and highly skilled baristas are the finishing touch. 

Add a unique place-to-be inside your office building or co-working space. We can either build a new coffee bar or find out what needs to be done to improve an existing one.

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What we do

Benefits of a coffee bar

Apart from the possibility of drinking fantastic coffee every morning on the way to your desk, the investment in a quality coffee bar has many other benefits.


Creating a place where people can meet up and enjoy good coffee has proven to increase employee loyalty. People want to work for companies that take good care of them! Offering them good coffee and a unique space where they can both relax and be productive is a simple way to show that you care about their well-being. This in turn helps them take on challenges and meet their goals. This way, adding a coffee bar to your building can help you strengthen your brand and company. 


Building a unique coffee bar also increases the value of your office space. Whether you own, rent or are developing a building, adding a highly functional coffee bar helps you bring people to the property. Be it a co-working space or an office building for a single company: creating an interactive space where people can have informal meetings is a unique element that adds significant value – the chance for businesses to strengthen the sense of community within their building.


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Our services

Coffee Bar Concept Creation

We offer a range of services that are geared towards strengthening the community in your company – one cup of coffee at a time. Find your best option below or call us for a tailor-made solution!

We have created an effective two-step method for creating a solid concept brief. This document will be the starting point for all future steps towards improving or opening your unique coffee bar.  

1. Espressionals Concept Scan

  • Kick-off & Research
  • Concept Scorecard

2. Espressionals Concept Challenge

  • Challenge session
  • Concept Brief

Deliverable: Concept Brief
Duration: 2-4 weeks

Read more below! Or download the Concept Challenge brochure:

"We joined a Concept Challenge with Espressionals to create a strategic plan for the next phase of our business. This method really helped us to get a quick overview of where the 'blind spots' were, and to adjust our company strategy accordingly. The challenge gave us valuable insights and new ideas, a strong foundation for the execution!"
Florian Hessel - Co-founder of Stooker Specialty Coffee

Concept Scan

Gaining insight into your current situation 

The kick-off to any concepting project, in which we: 

  • Gain insight into the current situation and the ‘blind-spots’
  • Determine company and design values
  • Set objective, goals and targets

We combine the information from the kick-off session with two stakeholder interviews and two location visits. All our findings will be reported in your concept scorecard, being the starting point for any further steps in coffee bar efforts.

Deliverable: Concept Scorecard
Duration: 1-2 weeks

*The concept scan is suitable for both new and existing coffee bars.

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Challenge Session

Creating a unique coffee bar concept 

A highly inspirational session in which we challenge your concept and take it to the next level. Based on your Concept Scorecard we: 

  • give a tailor made inspiration presentation
  • guide an in-depth group discussion
  • host a post-it & sticker session

All ideas are held up against your companies values and prioritized into ‘great ideas’, which are used to solidify your concept. All information gained from the Concept Scan and Concept Challenge are presented in a Concept Brief. A compact document in which we ‘pitch’ your new or improved concept!

Deliverable: Concept Brief
Duration: 1-2 weeks

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Functional Design

Creating a functional coffee bar design base

The Concept Challenge is the first step towards a coffee bar concept that is appealing and connecting. This next step is essential to making sure your concept is 100% functional as well.

We create a highly functional design blueprint for your coffee bar. This includes:

  • Routing and layout
  • Barista workflow design
  • Requirement sheet
  • Equipment proposal
  • Cost estimates and more

All functional key elements will be included in your coffee bar Design Blueprint, which is completely geared towards your companies values and focuses on high level of efficiency and quality.

Deliverable: Design Blueprint
Duration: 2-4 weeks


Interior & Graphic Design

Creating the right look & feel to your coffee bar

Upon completing the Concept Challenge and your Design Blueprint we will start with the creation of your concept in terms of interior design, interior styling and graphics. 

From interior design to menu engineering and creation and from social media to website: we find the professionals that will bring your coffee bar concept to life. We work closely together with interior and graphic designers that understand how to visualize your values into design and work towards the community you are looking to build. Once your concept is well thought out,  we will propose a team of people who will make it happen!

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Quality Services

Establishing consistent quality of coffee

We offer a range of services to help increase the quality of your coffee served on a daily basis. Pre-opening or already up and running? Through programs focusing on staff and products we will have your coffee bar up to standard and better in no time! We offer: 

  • (SCA certified) barista training
  • Quality control
  • Improvement solutions
  • Barista-on-demand service and more

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