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We improve, create, design & support coffee bar concepts.
Quality coffee drives traffic, generates revenue and establishes loyalty.
We help our clients bring great coffee to their customers, every day.
We create coffee bar concepts & visual coffee content.
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What we do

Coffee is an investment, not a cost. Quality coffee is a driver for your business in terms of traffic, revenue and customer loyalty. At Espressionals, we know that quality-based models are essential to the survival of modern-day hospitality venues. But we also understand the complexity of coffee and the many factors involved in bringing great coffee to the table. Where to start? Creating a solid coffee bar concept.

As the first and only collective of coffee creatives, we help our clients serve amazing coffee in inspiring outlets. Creating unique coffee bar concepts and powerful content.

What’s more? We support you in serving consistent and high-quality coffee, through quality programs such as SCA certified training, our start-up or boost program and quality control.

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Who we are

Espressionals: the creatives of the coffee industry

We provide you with the largest and most varied network of creatives and professionals involved in the coffee industry. In doing so, we bring extensive coffee knowhow in terms of product, service and experience.

We embrace the creative power of the collective by creating as a community, and yield potential by emphasizing the passions and skills of the individual. Together, we create reality-proof coffee concepts that suit your company and your customers’ needs.

Are you a coffee professional? We are always looking for passionate Makers, Creators & Lovers to complement our collective.

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